Our services

In order to offer you the best possible service, we only receive on appointment, it allows us to prepare your withdrawals, we ask you to warn us by telephone, fax, or email 48 hours in advance. We will load your vehicle that will park in our court. (private court).

Your puchases

We will assure the receipt of wines that you will have acquired by your usual suppliers, free of charge.

Robert GORRETEAU, Expert in Wines and Alcohols, authorized expert for Paris Pawnshop, will know how to advise you to make good acquisitions during public sales by auction in which he participates: Receive catalogs of public sales of wines.

Best tasting of your wines

We will be able to advise you for a full tasting of your bottle.

Deliveries – expeditions

Please contact us.

Acheter ou vendre des vins aux enchères, obtenir un prêt sur des grands vins