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You’re searching a solution to keep your wines in the best conditions.
Our storage cellar, with custom agreement, is located in Nanterre, France, 3 miles from Paris. Since 1997, we have been watching over the precious bottles of our tenants, french & foreign.
You are attentive for the selection and the purchase for vintage wines, you have to proceed in the same way to choose the company to which you will confide your precious bottles.
You could ask many questions, among them :

Is the company agreed or no by french customs :
  Yes we are.
Announced temperature & hygrometry are they controllable ?
  At our storage cellar it's possible.
Are the proposed premises really adapted to the good conservation of wines? (it will be right to mistrust the «champignonières» (ex mushrooms factories) elders, perfect for the culture, but dramatic for the preservation of the labels and the cases of wood, very quickly they will deteriorate; in the same way the former bank vaults of financial institutions or other are to proscribe)
  Our premises are perfectly adapted squares to the perfect ageing of the great wines, temperature between 12 and 15 °, hygrometry of 75 to 85%, total absence of vibration and odor.
Can confided wines be insured in replacement value? On which conditions ?
  We propose this option with Lloyd’s in London.
Is it possible to deposit or to withdraw wines 7 days a week, from 8am to 8pm ?
  At our storage cellar it's possible.
Easy parking ?
  You will park in our private court.

For more informations, you may call 33 (0)1 41 44 22 42, or send an e-mail, we’ll answer quikly. See you soon!

Emilie Gorreteau, Manager

We do not publish luxurious and expensive booklet, we prefer to grant you the best tariff conditions.

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